Dj Wizz767 – PSD (Post Sewo Depression) Bouyon Mix 2015


01.3Pac Bantan & Big Ben – Dj Wizz Shoutout(WarmUp-Intro)

02.Skyo Beatz – Warm-Up 2K15

03.Triple Kay ft. Mr.Killa & Flipo – Waist

04.Wck Band – Skin To Skin

05.Asa Bantan – Amazing

06.3Pac Bantan & Alkaline – Dj Wizz Shoutout 2

07.Signal Band – Let Her Go (Bouyon Cover)

08.Jiggy Speedy Ft Asher Thomas – Kanival

09.XS Groove – Drunk In Love

10.Digital Vybz – Make Money

11.Signal Band – Just For Carnival

12.Lega-C Band – Mash Up De Place

13.XS Groove – Simple

14.Asa Bantan – They Don’t Care About Us

15.Triple Kay – Learning Chine

16.Asa Bantan – Believe

17.Xs Groove Ft Nayee – No Type

18.Wck Band – Free Me Up

19.Asa Bantan – U Think Is So

20.Dj Flip Tha Boss ft Suppa – Bouyon In Their Brain

21.Asa Bantan – High

22.Triple Kay Ft Mr Killa – Lock De Gate

23.Asa Bantan – Position

24.Triple Kay – Coco

25.Asa Bantan – Stricly Local

26.Triple Kay – Half & Half

27.Asa Bantan – Month

28.Asa Bantan – Can’t Go

29.Asa Bantan – ABC


31.Signal Band Ft Sonic Tazzy – Exit

32.Beast Box Productions – Holy Grail

33.Edday & Asa Bantan – Bounce It

34.Wck Band – One Life To Live

35.Triple Kay – Wap Wap

36.Wck Band Ft Nayee – De Band Coming

37.Jason Derulo – Whatcha Say (Bouyon Remix)

38.Triple Kay – SA LA KA PATA

39.Wck Band – Ck Like A Boss

40.Asa Bantan – Té Toi

41.Wck Band – I Love The Way U

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